We are fearfully and wonderfully
made by God.

This is true for those who are differently-abled than us. And yet many of them and their families suffer alone, with little help, and in judgment from others. Let us reach out and share the love of our God who created us all/altogether.


We see people affected by disabilities (PADs) living significant lives by playing meaningful roles in Christian churches and communities for life transformation.

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We serve as a vehicle of God’s love, compassion and grace to PADs and to partner with faith- based groups in providing the means towards their assimilation and transformation.

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We partner with different churches and Christian groups and advocates.  We engage, equip, and help empower them to reach out, include, and disciple persons affected by disability.

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Using various media, we promote awareness on the situation of persons affected by disability and provide Scriptural perspectives so that various groups may see their importance to God and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

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Through special programs, we create opportunities to bless persons affected by disability and platforms for meeting between them and churches around them.

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God is Able airs on 702 DZAS and GCTV Cignal channel 185!

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Pastors & Workers Conference 2024

Fearless Family Camp 2023

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Listen, connect, and be encouraged through our various media outlets and partners.

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Pray, Provide, Promote.

Know how you can help God is Able and its ministries for people affected by disabilities (PADs).

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