God is Able International Foundation Inc.,


Walking alongside each other, neither too fast that we drag those who have difficulties; nor too slow that we restrain the potential of those who can easily run. We walk in community – paced by His Spirit – towards self actualization and communal significance for God’s glory!


Who we are

We are people of varying backgrounds, interests, and abilities, called by God to be in community for a very special purpose – to move with People Affected by Disabilities (PADs) – in their quest for personal wholeness, societal integration, and discovery of their unique role in God’s kingdom.


Our Mission

To serve as a vehicle of God’s love, compassion, and grace for people affected by disabilities (PADs), and to partner with faith-based groups in providing the means towards their assimilation and transformation.  

Our Vision

People affected by disabilities living significant lives and moving towards transformation by playing meaningful roles in Christian churches and communities.


Our Core Values

  • Gospel In Action

    We share the gospel to serve as the vehicle through which Christian communities may train and mobilize towards understanding and fully integrating people affected by disability into mainstream society.

  •  Family Focused

    We value family relationships. Our aim is to minister to the person with disability as well as to the members of his/her family.

  •  Sustainability/Transformation

    We believe that sustainability is best achieved with cheerful & enjoyable working conditions, where management seeks excellence in resource development & mobilization, program identification & management, and partnership development.

  •  Christ-likeness

    God is able is a Christ-centered organization that empowers and impacts the lives of people affected with disability. With God as our foundation, we aim to be a channel of unconditional love, humility, & integrity, and to transform lives to be more Christ-like.

  • Empowerment & Self-actualization

    We aim to empower differently-abled people through specialized training and capability-building, and by opening up opportunities for them to become productive members of society, that they may live out their God-given purpose.

  •  Mission Possible

    We speak with and in behalf of differently-abled people to make everyone aware of their strengths and unique abilities; their hopes and dreams; as well as their difficulties and struggles as they fully integrate with society –  where ALL people contribute significantly towards development and transformation.

What we do

We believe in the active role of faith communities to be direct avenues of God’s blessings. And so we seek and nurture partnerships with the people of God for strategic initiatives for/ with People Affected by Disabilities (PADs).  Our Strategic initiatives include the following:

  •  The Gift of Mobility

    Generating resources that facilitate mobility of PWDs (e.g. wheelchair); identifying beneficiaries; custom-fitting; and training of partners for sustainable and wholisitic support.

  •  Family Retreats

    Holding an annual family gathering of PADs where care-givers and PWDs are provided with  a safe, restful, and engaging venue where varying activities cater to their wholistic needs. This once-a-year event focuses on renewing the spirit of PADs to strengthen their commitment to God and to each other, sustaining their inner lives as they journey together.

  • Partnership building

    Initiating, assisting and equipping Disability Ministries within faith-based communities to carry out direct programs and services for/with PADs

  • Volunteer Mobilization

    Recruiting, training, and mobilizing volunteers for various engagement with PADs

  • Advocacy and Awareness Raising

    Speaking in behalf of PADs to increase awareness among the general public of the PADs’ desire to assimilate into society. We go to churches, organizations, LGUs, private companies and other groups to be the PADs’ voice – sharing their stories of hope, and engaging people towards active involvement.

  • Resource Development

    Generating resources for optimum use. Includes nurturing individuals and corporate partners who are supportive of PADs.